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    I feel like I just raided a Canadian pharmacy!

    Our meds arrived today! At about 10:30am my doorbell rang and in came this box. I had to take a picture because it’s hard to appreciate just how many, many, many, many syringes I’m about to get intimate with.

    The box The meds

    Here you see said ginormous box. I had to put a water bottle by it for reference. Inside it were all the goodies you see in the following picture. All those little baggies? That’s needles and syringes baby! Are you jealous yet? Taking inventory was an experience to be sure.

    So my first shot is tonight. We get to practice what we learned in class today.

    The class was interesting. There were about 8 hopeful women attending. It’s strange to attend a class that reveals something so personal with others you’ve never met before. I say this as I’m writing a blog, so I get the hypocrisy, but at least this is somewhat faceless, and I don’t have to see recollection of personal pain in your eyes.

    I was honestly surprised that there were only 3 guys there. For us, knowing what a baby I am when it comes to needles, HIM not coming was NOT an option. He is the one who will give me the shots every day — so you bet he’ll be piercing that orange (it’s what we had to practice on first) over and over!

    The first hour was spent going over the process, what the medications were and why they were used, all the good stuff. Then came the part with the needles. Apparently I didn’t have to say anything out loud about not liking those things. The guy who sat across the table from me just saw me cringe each time the nurse poked at her orange. Then he made fun of me. Jokes on him though: his wife’s reaction truly wasn’t much better!

    The needles actually aren’t too scary looking. They’re only about half an inch long. The scariest needle, which is an inch and a half is a mixing needle. So for now, I’m feeling brave…. for now. Ask me later when I’m licking my wound.

    5 responses to “I feel like I just raided a Canadian pharmacy!”

    1. libby says:

      You can do this…I am here if you need a cheerleader

    2. emeraldwed says:

      Yikes!! That is truly an intimidating pile of meds! Glad the needles aren’t too scary though. Sending good thoughts that this cycle works out for you guys…

    3. mrs-weirdo says:

      Don’t worry, the shots are not too bad. I just iced my stomach for 3 minutes, injected really slowly and I didn’t feel a thing. Do you have to do the progesterone shots ?
      Good luck with the cycle !!!

    4. Jill Waltrip (JPW2006) says:

      Oh my goodness Ava! I can’t believe all of these medicines. Unbelievable! Your sense of humor will get you through all of those injections. I truly hope that you are one and done with a successful IVF baby on the way very soon. Have a great Turkey day!

    5. Evonne says:

      Oh my… how did the first few shots go? All the best to you guys! Sending lots of good Nestie vibes your way!

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