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    … you have no idea!

    We went out for dinner tonight to our favorite Italian restaurant. When we lived in the city, their SF location was two blocks away from our place so we were there quite frequently and got to know the owners (and they us) pretty well. Since we moved away they shut down their SF location and focused on the two others they had in the Bay Area. As such we don’t see them as often, but we do go a few times a year.

    Tonight was the first time we’d been there since the early days of our BFP. It’s clear now that they are some changes in our life to come. The owners were thrilled for us and we spent a good time tonight catching up with them. What was funny, though, was one of their comments : “Oh, NOW we know what you two have been up to! [wink]” at which point I couldn’t help but smile, and nod, but in the back of my head think:
    “Lady… you have no idea!”

    2 responses to “… you have no idea!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      You should have told her yes daily injections, lots of hope and prayers. And 10 people in the room when your baby was concived! Your right she has NO idea.

    2. Evonne says:

      Yup, she really has no idea!

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