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    Worst night’s sleep ever

    I am normally a great sleeper. I can sleep through just about anything and fall asleep just about anywhere… except tonight. It’s a quarter to 2 a.m. and yet here I am writing. Why you might ask? We’re on a flight to the East Coast on our way to see S’ family. I’m pretty excited about the trip overall, but this is brutal! Between Mr. Snory-pants on my left, Sneezy two rows behind me, Mr. Snuffles behind and to the right, and of course the Non-Stop-Talking Wondertwins I am wide awake. That paired with just me not being able to get comfortable and my feet swelling up like balloons, I’m just miserable.

    Never before have I wished for ear plugs in my life.

    I’m finding some relief in a pair of headsets I religiously carry in my back-pack and some NIN mp3s on my laptop. At least this is drowning out most of the other sounds.

    The worst part to this is knowing how I’m going to feel in the morning — crap! If I can’t get sleep I will be nauseated until I get the pre-requisite amount of sleep my body needs. I’m not looking forward to that bit what-so-ever. I still have work conferences I have to dial into in the morning.

    So you think impending motherhood is what’s making my ears perk up at every sound around me?

    Either way, I’m finally caving in and making ear-plugs another mandatory item on my travel packing list.

    2 responses to “Worst night’s sleep ever”

    1. Evonne says:

      Hahaha… since I started wearing ear-plugs to sleep at home (I live with a Mr. Snory-pants too), I always pack them together with my eye-mask on every single flight. They are such life-savers! Hope you are having a great trip!

    2. Rebecca says:

      I’ve never been able to sleep on an airplane, so I just refuse to plan red-eye flights anymore… but I just had to comment on the title “worst night’s sleep ever”.. just wait until you’re woken up several times in a row after just having managed to drift off to sleep by a baby with a cold or who’s teething, etc..

      sorry to hear about your feet, as you know I can definitely relate to that one… I actually figured out while we were in NYC that if I wear laced up shoes that it left no room for extra fluid in my feet and kept the painful swelling to a minimum.. my ankles still swelled a little, but overall it was much less bad than the one day I made the mistake of wearing sandals.. better to have hot sweaty normal sized feet than big fat aired out feet..

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