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    Will Metamucil be my new best friend?


    The toilet gods are angry.

    In retribution for our lack of bonding time in the first tri (no m/s, remember?) they have come out in full force in the third trimester w/ and oldie and a goodie — constipation.

    Yes, I never thought I would be discussing my personal habits with others (only recently have I even been able to talk to S), but after a week of this experience, and pregnancy modesty deficit, here I am. I can only count the tiles on the floor so many times, and I’m not ready to count the threads on my socks.

    Although I am happy to take meds, I prefer to take them as a last resort. I’ve tried fruits, I’ve tried liquids, I’ve even tried utilizing my labor-class techniques in the bathroom. Nothing! I guess visualization, relaxation, breathing and all the natural stuff isn’t quite bringing me to success. Or at least not quickly anyway 🙁

    I’ve never taken Metamucil before, but all my other methods don’t seem to be working. This stuff is gritty and thickens over time. Seriously — it feels like drinking Jell-o. I’m not thrilled about it, but if it works I’ll be singing its praises.

    So within 12-72 hours (per the label instructions) we’ll see how well things pan out for me.

    Meanwhile, if you have any other more natural alternatives available to pregnant ladies, please share!

    7 responses to “Will Metamucil be my new best friend?”

    1. alison says:

      Metamucil is natural — it’s just psyillium husk. No meds involved, yo.

    2. Prune juice or prunes work but taste gross. Also a salad with every dinner, spinich seems to work best. Over all though I really like metamucil. I take half a dose at a time and chug it so it doesn’t get thick. Also if you want to stay regular once you ‘go’ then a half dose once a day is best.

    3. zoejean12 says:

      Check into Mirilax. I don’t know about being pg safe, but from what I understand, it is also not really a med. I think it’s teeny tiny plastic pellets that just help break up your food as it digests. I have had stomach issues for years, and I have taken this med daily since Feb 07. I’m not pg, that’s why I say check into it. I mix it with a little juice at breakfast and I’m good to go for the rest of the day. It will mix into just about anything (I stir and let it sit a second for it to blend in well) except dairy. I just sits on top of the milk! I hope that helps!

    4. sashaandmark says:

      Ugh, not fun. I had bad constipation after my ER due to the anesthesia. Awful. The best tip I got was to give yourself 15 min to just sit on the toilet (not strain, just sit), even if it doesn’t feel like you have to go. When I am my “regular” self, I usually go just after breakfast, so I would eat a banana and then go sit– I was surprised it actually worked! GL– i hope you get some relief soon!

    5. EmWed says:

      I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. 🙁

      I agree with Alison- Metamucil is natural. But if you want a closer-to-the-earth source, I’ve seen various brands of organic psyllium husks at Elephant Pharm in Los Altos.

      I hope it works for you!

    6. Rebecca says:

      Prunes work pretty well, stewed prunes are actually pretty good, you just simmer them with some water to cover, I like them with a sliced up orange (peel and all) simmered with them and you can add some cinnamon.. cook 40 mins or so.. you have to eat several a day though.

      This pregnancy I found good luck with Ezekiel brand sprouted cereal (health food store should have it). One serving every day kept me regular until I got sick of it.. I figure it ‘s good to have different options so you don’t have to consume the same thing all the time.

      good luck, I know how much that sucks

    7. Liza says:

      oh good ol’ constipation… how do I remember thee!

      Lots of fluids, prune juice and metamucil …

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