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    The wrath of a pregnant woman

    I’m not an actively vengeful person, but I think there is something to be said about pregnancy hormones and associated rage.

    Now when someone makes me mad it makes me want to sneak some iron supplements in their drink: so they can get backed up for a few days. It’s just a “little evil”, and a pregnancy joy I’m happy to have someone else experience… esp. if they’re of the male persuasion.

    Please note that I would NEVER tamper with anyone’s food, drink, employ, or mode of transportation. However, in my hormonal pregnancy fantasies I sure want to.

    3 responses to “The wrath of a pregnant woman”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Uh oh, who wronged you? I hope it wasn’t on mother’s day!!

    2. Ariel says:

      Remind me not to get on your bad side while your pg!

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