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    The secret to getting into daycare

    …. is apparently to register before you conceive.

    You know those horror stories you hear about how to get into the right preschool you need to register as soon as your child is born? Well… I think we’re living in one of those. Apparently moving out of the city means that we moved into the land of “the breeders” and the waiting lists for daycare are 20+ families long and 11 months out. And we’re not even trying to get into “the right” (read ippidy) preschool. We just want a clean, organized, attentive day care provider.

    Now, I know that S and I are starting on this process a little late, but we don’t need a day care provider until January of ’09, so I figured starting to call places with a 6 month lead time “should” be ok, right? Apparently not! I called 21 daycare providers today off of a list I received from work. Of those, 3 lines were disconnected, I left a voice-mail for 3 to call me back and 11 didn’t accept children under the age of 2. That leaves us with 4 that did take infants, but didn’t have any space in January.

    One of those centers told me their next opening for an infant was in late April/May of ’09. So let’s do some math: late April/May of ’09 puts us 11 months out. That means that a family would need to register before their child is conceived. Ok, ok, I know that a mom can get 6-8 weeks maternity leave from work before she needs care, but that’s still right around the time you get your pee-stick line.

    So we’ll keep calling until something works out. I’m not stressing out yet, but I find this process sad. We’re pretty open to day care facilities, in-home providers and nannies. The last option is last on our list considering how expensive dedicated family nannies are. I also draw the line at Au Pairs. I don’t have anything against the Au Pair program, but I’m hesitant to establish a bond between them and G only to have them leave and be replaced in a year. I have many other reasons, but I’ll stop here.


    In other news, I had my 3hr glucose diabetes follow-up test today. The drink tasted better than last time (don’t ask me how). I got pricked 4 times and now the bruises on my arms make me look like I have an intravenous drug habit. Hmn… I wonder what work will think tomorrow? My OB should get the results in the next few days. I better pass this thing! I leave this topic with some food for thought (literally): if we are supposed to digest 100g of sugar in 5 minutes, why not just give us a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake? It’s at least tasty!


    In other, other news, we’re now in the 3rd trimester. At 26 weeks, I’m now cruising into the last stretch. It’s scary, it’s exciting, and … did I say scary?

    7 responses to “The secret to getting into daycare”

    1. Kittylove says:

      OMG Your in the last tri! As for day care how about a nanny. I would call some agencies and see about pricing. You can’t find the ‘right person’ right now but you could start interviewing in November or even December. You could even go on some wait lists and just plan on using a nanny till May or June. That way G is a bit bigger and his imunne system is more mature. Just an idea.

      I really hope you pass the three hour test. I am sure you will. As for why it can’t be cheesecake rather than that nasty drink I have no idea.

    2. Wow! 3rd Tri! Already? Congratulations A!

      re: daycares… I believe you can contact 4C’s in San Mateo, Child Care Coordinating Council for an updated list of infant care in the Peninsula area.
      And, don’t stress too much about the wait lists. What happens 99% of the time is that people DO get on the waitlists at conception WAAAAAAAY ahead of time, but then when the time comes that their child needs be placed in childcare, they’ve already placed somewhere else. So then a slot gets opened up. We work our way through the waitlists pretty quickly every year. It’s been kindof a problem for small in home preschools in our area, like the one I work at, because when the time comes that our older kids are graduating and we are looking for new prescholers, they’ve already placed somewhere else because they are on so many waitlists.

    3. EmWed says:

      GL on the glucose test! I like the cheesecake idea. Or maybe a brownie sundae. I know I can scarf one of those down in less than 5 minutes! 😉

      As for daycare, I guess I better get a move on. Geez. I thought I’d at least be able to get out of the first trimester before I had to start thinking about that! GL with your search!

    4. Kirsten says:

      Congrats on entering the “homestretch.” I think the cheesecake is a wonderful idea – I can certainly finish a slice in less than five minutes! Best of luck with the childcare choices. I am sure it will get even frustrating before decided, but I know you will wind up with a great care giver for G.

    5. Jamers125 says:

      Third trimester? Seriously?! When did that happen? This year is flying by… I can’t believe you’re already in the home stretch. Good to know about the day care situation. I had no idea it was THAT competitive of a market! I hope you find something that will work out perfectly for your family. I know you’ve got lots of good networks of info to enlist for help! :o)

    6. Evonne says:

      Wow, the wait sounds insane… OK, what are the belly pics?

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