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    Storm chasers

    … are what we’ll be, ‘cuz, uhmn…. we’re having another boy!!!

    Last week when we were in Bulgaria we got an unexpected ultrasound. I had mentioned to my dad that I hadn’t felt the baby move, and that I was a little worried. In my defense, I acknowledged G moving at 17 weeks, and having heard that second + pregnancies you recognize motion as such earlier, I was getting a bit paranoid. Also, in my brilliant and optimal approach to packing I had decided to leave my fetal monitor at home and around hitting week 16 away, was regretting it.

    I mentioned it to my dad because he and mom have a good friend who is a doctor and they were planning to see him while they were in town. All I wanted was access to his stethoscope. Instead I got a call from my mom Tue morning at 10am, telling us that his friend had made us an appointment with one of the country’s best OB’s and we needed to be in her office by noon. So let’s recap – I’m in a country I don’t know my way around, it’s 10am and we’re still crawling out of bed in PJs and I need to navigate my way to a hospital whose address I don’t know to make it for a “I can fit you in if you show up within 2 hours” appointment. Not to even mention my insurance policy doesn’t extend benefits for non-emergency procedures internationally, and I had no idea how much this visit was going to cost me. However after my mom’s friend assured me it would cost 80lev (about $55 US), I consented… since I knew that if we get an u/s, there’s a chance that we could find out the gender, and I so happened to have 80lev (plus the necessary cab fare).

    The appointment went well. Actually I was impressed that it ended up being a full fetal scan. She noted my placenta has moved to the posterior, measured all of the limbs, examined all of the organs, looked for cleft lip, and confirmed that this little dude is in good shape. I got to hear the heartbeat too 🙂

    Then she said “So you have one son already? Looks like he’ll have a brother” S asked “Are you sure?”; She “100% sure”. With 25 years of experience staring at ultrasound machines, and being touted as one of the best in the country I’d like to trust her… but having experienced the wonders of Bulgarian health care with my sister’s and grandfather’s treatment over the last 5 years, I think I’m going to hold out on full and final validation for our fetal scan in July. So right now I’m 90% confident we’re having a boy.

    His name will be Storm (one of the few times you’ll see it fully written out so take note). S was quick to point out that when he starts running around we’ll be Storm Chasers. We’re having t-shirts made. I’m not really sure what his nick-name will be. It’s already short. S is suggesting “Windy”… or “Cat-5” (since his middle name will be V like G’s). We’re open for suggestions, so share if you’ve got ’em.

    I’m also not really sure yet how he’ll be referred to here as well. He might be S2 (as to not be confused with S), or l-S (for little S). I just don’t know yet.

    Little S’ mug shot is coming soon. As soon as my jet lag lets me stay up long enough to actually scan it in, that is 🙂

    8 responses to “Storm chasers”

    1. A super big congrats on another boy!!!!!!!!!

    2. Andrew Lynch says:


    3. Adrienne says:

      Congratulations on another lil man! A beautiful name too. I taught a family where the sons were Sterling and Sage and the parents Sara and Storm, I Loved their names!

    4. Kelly m says:

      Yay! So happy for you! And I love his name!!! I would go with S2 (stew?). 🙂

    5. Grammie says:

      Congrats I will certainly have to get use to a grandson name Storm. I am still hoping for a girl. Are you sure there is not two?

    6. becoming-mom says:

      Aw, a brother for G, how awesome!! They will be thick as thieves 🙂

    7. Grandma says:

      Sorry Ava, I can imagine you only as boys’ mom.

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