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    How to scare a 8.5 mo pregnant woman…

    Q: How do you get a 8.5 mo pregnant woman to go into hyperventilation when she’s not ready to go into labor?
    A: You say “Hon, turn so I can see your profile! It looks like you’ve dropped!”

    Yeah, not a fun moment.

    Luckily my OB appointment was today, and although G’s is in place and my cervix is very soft (yeah, you really wanted that detail didn’t you), it’s also closed up and the OB said that the chances of me going into labor over the next week are low. Of course she prefaced it with a “that can change”, but I’ll take it.

    I have some things that have to get done next week, two of which include having the cleaning crew over (I’m off-loading the “nesting” to someone else) and a veterinarian appointment for Neko. Yeah, stop laughing at me — I realize I shouldn’t be making big plans here, but I can’t plan to just stay at home and just wait around for contractions to start either.

    In other news: my feet have grown!!! Apparently the belly is not the only thing gaining in size here. I finally grew from a 6 to a size 7 two years ago, which was super exciting for me — I graduated from having to shop at the little girls isle. You know how hard it is to find cute high heeled shoes that don’t come in pink patten leather? Now I’ve gained another 1/2 a size. I know this by spending the whole day in shoes yesterday that clearly didn’t fit me. I mentioned this to my sister today and now she’s convinced that she doesn’t want to be pregnant — for fear that pregnancy will also have her (already sizeable) feet also grow.

    Oh… and speaking of belly, here’s glorious me last Saturday at 37w.

    5 responses to “How to scare a 8.5 mo pregnant woman…”

    1. Ariel says:

      Looking at your photo I got an incredible urge to rub the screen! You may be getting an unwanted belly rub next time I see you! You look great and I don’t think you have droped. G is a little lower than before but not “droped” yet. I am glad you like the feet growth, I am not looking forward to it. I have size 8.5 already I don’t want size 9. Although if I could have a skinny size 9 vs the wide 8.5 I have I would be very greatful but I don’t think it will work that way.

      PS: Just ONE more day of work!!!!

    2. Patty says:

      This further proves my idea that I will wear slippers through my pregnancies. I’m already a size 11, so I’m screwed.

      You look great, hun! I am also impressed that you have managed to stay fitting into those same cute pink striped pants like your whole pregnancy! Go you!

    3. Rebecca says:

      Don’t worry, I think James dropped at least 2 weeks before I went into labor, the only problem is that it increased the frequency of the bathroom trips (and at 6.5 weeks I’m already pretty annoyed by the frequency… so I’m really not looking forward to that part)

      I hope you get all your plans done before G arrives!

      Where do I find one of those cleaning crews? I think we might need to send one through the new place before we move… something about other people’s dirt just really grosses me out

    4. Will Hutchinson says:

      Looking good! Sorry I didn’t get to see you in this shape in person but I look forward to seeing the product when I’m next visiting! 🙂

    5. You look great, A! It looks like it’s almost time for G to be here! We can’t wait to meet him. Make sure you take another belly shot before you go into labor!

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