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    Nursery – Part I

    Last week-end, S and I began working on G’s room. As that room used to be our guest room, there was a whole series of things that needed to occur before we can begin baby-fying it. We needed to move the bed out into (what is today) the office, but before we can make that move we needed to get a wall-system in there so that the queen-sized bed doesn’t constantly take up space. Well, our wall system was installed last Saturday (and looks AWESOME by the way).

    The afternoon included a trip to Kelly Moore paints where we went to get our VOC-free paint and then lots of taping. In the rest of the week-end and through the week following S did it all. We then assembled G’s crib and put up the bedding. It’s really coming together. I walk in there several times a day and just stand still trying to take it all in. I imagine the little person who’ll be living there for years to come, the nights I’ll be spending in that space trying to calm him down, and just generally seeing his development in there. It’s weird – that room isn’t just about his arrival – it seems to be about everything after that.

    The walls are still bare and our glider won’t arrive until sometime next month, but so far we’re pretty pleased with the results. Here are some pics:

    The furniture in there is the furniture we bought for our loft bedroom about 5 years ago. It’s amazing how well it matches G’s crib!

    My sister is working on some wall art for us. She’s making a series of different scenes of a baby griffin’s life. I gotta say – they look simply too cool and make me giggle when I see them. I can’t wait for the final artwork, but meanwhile I’ll share with you the draft:

    Cool, huh? My favorite is the eating scene.

    And that’s it for the nursery so far: final pics to come in a few weeks once it’s all done.

    7 responses to “Nursery – Part I”

    1. S says:

      In case anyone is wondering what a griffin is (besides a cool name), here is info from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griffin):

      “The griffin, is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Griffins are normally known for guarding treasure. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.”

    2. Kirsten says:

      I love the nursery! It is so pretty and cheerful! I can’t wait to see the artwork.

    3. Angela says:

      I love the nursery! It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see the final drawings!

    4. Rebecca says:

      Wow, you guys are so far ahead of my box of newborn clothes and cloth diapers that I had in our junk room when James was born… I think it took me until James was almost 1 to turn the junk room into his bedroom 😉

      I love the artwork and the wall colors, I know it will be beautiful!

    5. Liza says:

      Wow A.. Little G’s nursery is fabulous.. I love the green/brown combination of colors.. so neat, clean cut, modern and stylish…
      Mommy has great taste!!!

    6. Evonne says:

      Hey, those are my company colors – apple green and chocolate brown! LOVE it! And your sister’s drawings were AMAZING! Holy cow…

    7. Steve says:

      about this time next year, you might re-think those lamps when Li’l G starts standing up in the crib. mm, electro-licious!

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