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    No longer an embryo — now a fetus

    Woot! Little baby P (P for peanut) is no longer an embryo!!! With a successful 10 week embryonic run little-P has now officially entered the stage of “the fetus”. It can bend it little arms and legs, which if it’s anything like its mommy is only in preparation for a good elbow poke (as soon as it can muster the strength… and reach) and other mischievous fun.

    All its major organs are now formed, which makes me a little paranoid: did I not eat all the bad things like I wasn’t supposed to? I had a bite of Brie cheese on Saturday, but that’s Ok, right?

    Today the munchkin should be about the size of a walnut. It should kinda look like this:

    10 week fetus

    P.S. This is not an actual picture of our little-P. I wish it were!!! If our doc’s office had one of these, it wouldn’t survive there for too long. It’d be strapped to my belly 24-7 and dragged all around town so I can stare at it constantly. Although I suppose that wouldn’t work well for stealing. Hmn… note to self: I need to work on my stealth technique.

    Tomorrow also marks another big milestone… for me: I go down to even one less Progesterone pill a day. When we graduated from the RE clinic I went down from 3 pills a day to 2. Now I’m going down from 2 to 1. In another two weeks I’ll be off them completely and when that happens Oh there will be a happy dance (…and other things that are too X-rated to discuss in a public forum).

    In other news, we’re changing OB’s!!! We met with my OB last week for my first post-RE grad visit. I didn’t have a strong liking to her anyway. Actually… that’s an understatement – I just don’t feel right around her, and our visit last week sure didn’t change my mind. I asked S to give me a very honest opinion before we went in. What sealed it was when at the end of the appt he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable being in the room with that doc for hours while I was in labor. I know that when my contractions start, S is going to be my biggest advocate. If he can’t believe in the doc in charge of my care, then that’s game over for them!
    So… today I called another OB that was referred by our RE and one of my Nesties. I see her in 3 weeks.

    In more other news, my tummy has been growing… but sadly not because of the kiddo. My diet has been completely poopie for the last 2 months, and with the no-activity rule, my waistline is sadly showing for it. Luckily week 10 also lifted the no-workout ban so I’m hoping to try a 3 times a week date with the elliptical. Wish me luck: muffin tops belong on muffins. Not me.

    5 responses to “No longer an embryo — now a fetus”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Just so you know, you’ll probably only see the actual doctor for a couple of minutes every hour or so, then they come in a few minutes before peanut comes into the world. I found the nurses to be far more important in terms of their “vibes” or whatever you wanna call it. And with that you’re pretty much at the mercy of the schedule…

    2. Evonne says:

      It’s only been 10 weeks? It seems like you have been PG for a while now! YAY, we can wait to see little P grow…

    3. Katie says:

      I hear you on the muffin top! I thought we were supposed to grow out, not in width!

    4. alibee says:

      Elbow poking, eh? Now I will def. make sure to sit across from you at dinner instead of next to ya 😉

    5. Alison (MyABCLife) says:

      How very exciting Ava! I look forward to your updates! That pic (even though it may not exactly be your peanut)… is so amazing!!

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