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    My New Job

    As I was carrying a laundry basket to G’s room this morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror… and it hit me: My new job in a matter of weeks will be that of a laundress. With babies and our cloth diaper strategy apparently we’ll be doing laundry about every 2-3 days. Joy!!!

    Yep, that was sarcasm.

    I don’t mind sorting clothes (that part’s kinda fun). I don’t mind putting them in the machine or even moving them into the drier. But I HATE folding. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Even with my own clothes the basket they come out of is where they stay until I pull them out to re-wear them. This has been a constant strife w/ S, and we’ve reached a mutual compromise — I don’t have to fold my clothes, but my laundry basket of “clean” clothes will stay out of his sight. When I do take time to put clothes away I hang everything that can be remotely hung. If there were hangers for undies those would be hanging too.

    But now w/ G arriving, and me being the stay-at-home care provider for the next few months I have no excuses to not fold his stuff. So here comes my new job!

    I started the first set of laundry yesterday, and man is there a lot of it. Washing everything he’ll be in contact with produced 4 loads of stuff. Some of it (the clothes bit) looks like I’m getting ready to dress my dollies, but it does add up.

    I’m halfway done. Off I go to do the rest… and fold. Hmn… Maybe this will be my incentive to train Neko how to fold. He’s very keen in getting into the laundry basket. Now if I can only convince him to do something useful while he’s there…

    3 responses to “My New Job”

    1. Rebecca says:


      How do you keep the basket full of clean clothes from getting too wrinkled to wear? And where do you put all the dirty clothes if your basket is full of clean ones? I used to hate laundry and put it off until I had like 10 loads to do one day.. so I can sympathize 😉

    2. avalikelava says:

      Easy! Dirty clothes go in the hamper. And I avoid purchasing cloth fabrics that wrinkle 🙂

    3. S says:

      And she doesn’t worry about wrinkles (I do though!). Given the casual work attire, it doesn’t really bother her 🙂

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