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    It costs ‘how much?’!?!?!

    When S and I began planning our wedding we spent a few week-ends driving around checking out venues and meeting with vendors. We spent several week-ends doing wedding planning ‘chores’. We found our venue after 2 week-ends of searching and our vendors fell in place shortly afterwards.

    When we started looking for a new home, we spent several week-ends doing open homes and meeting with our real estate agent. Luckily we found a home fairly quickly and within 2 months of looking we were closed on a house.

    Baby shopping on the other hand is not following suit with a quick few trips to the store. We have now spent 4 unique week-end visits to a number of different stores and are little further ahead than where we started from. The first three visits were mostly for shock relief … for me! Once you realize what equipment babies are recommended to have, its like being released on a hill of hay asked to find a few needles. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but I did have a few minor freak-outs: hence the “store won’t bite” trips. There are SO many choices, and when you add the cost of each item, I swear I was hearing a cashier ring in my head. I don’t think Babies “R” Us sells anything under $300: car-seat… $300, stroller… $300, crib… $300, pacifier… $300. Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating again… but it sure feels like it!

    So today we finally made a list of all the items WE feel we need. I may look at this list (and post) in a year from now and just laugh myself as to how little we use some of these items, but hey… it’s a starting point. From here we divide and conquer.

    Today was all about cribs. We went to 3 stores (4 if you count the BRU trip yesterday) and looked at all the cribs we could stand. Tall ones, short ones, full sized, mini, drop-sides, non-drop-sides, with curves, without curves, $100 models, and $1400 models (I kid you not). From this we’ve compiled a short list. It’s especially short because S and I don’t really like the same look. So with this list in hand we are now fully prepared to throw it all away when something reasonable (in look, price and safety) comes up for sale on Craigslist!

    I think the next “big item” after that to decide on will be a stroller. I’m actually trying hard to figure out when we will actually be using a stroller. If we were jogging people, or had a pedestrian lifestyle our needs of a stroller would be very specific. I just need to understand what features will be important to us, not knowing how we’ll use it yet. I’m kinda thinking that as long as we have a good infant carrier/car seat, and a carrier sling we should be OK for the first month or so. Then we can figure out what we do with the baby and what kind of stroller we’ll need. Is this an unreasonable thought?

    Ok, all you parents can now stop snickering and shaking your head. You were naive and inexperienced once too.

    I leave you with this belly update.


    9 responses to “It costs ‘how much?’!?!?!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      Your’ll get over the shock soon. I have to say that given the height diffrance between you and S that I would highly suggest getting a crib with a drop railing. Your back will thank you for it. And you already know my choice on a sroller, I am obsessed with the bugaboo.

      Your belly pic looks great btw.

    2. Katie says:

      Looking good, lady!!

      One suggestion: Baby Bargains (the book). It does a good job of detailing what you actually need and the best bargains out there – with tons of safety reviews as well. It becomes a little less overwhelming when its broken down like that.

    3. Kirsten says:

      I love the baby bump! You look great.

    4. Alison (MyABCLife) says:

      A – you looks so great!!! Glad to hear the continued updates!!

    5. Grammie Rogers says:

      You are right to wait until you have him/her for a while before purchasing a stroller. The carryall and sling will work great when he/she is little. You definitely need a drop side crib. It is great for getting them in and out and especially great when putting them down while sleeping.

    6. Evonne says:

      LOVE your belly pics… you should post one every week!

      Our friends have those “travel system” strollers where you can just put the baby car seat onto the stroller – kinda like an all-in-one thing. It looks pretty neat!

    7. Rebecca says:

      I think I went to the extreme of minimalist baby gear, my attitude was “I don’t need that crap”… some of it turned out well, some not as much.

      Things I never bought that most people say are essential:

      Crib (didn’t miss it)
      Infant car seat with removable “baby bucket” (almost never missed it, I could usually get him from the carseat into the carrier and have him stay asleep, but I’m debating this one for the next baby, it’s nice to have a place to put the baby when you don’t want them in your lap in places like restaurants)
      Stroller (I think this one depends heavily on where you go, but for the most part, I prefered the carrier. One exception is longer trips where you’ll be away from the car for a long time, like spending time at the mall or a park or zoo where you need to carry the diaper bag and baby.. you’d feel like a pack mule without a stroller)
      Swing (okay, this one I’m totally getting for the next baby)

      Really, all I bought was a carseat, cloth diapers, and a few clothes, not too expensive at all (especially because the carseat was paid for with gift certificates to babys-r-us)… I really think this is one of those things that is as expensive as you want it to be

    8. Kelly Marie says:

      “I’m kinda thinking that as long as we have a good infant carrier/car seat, and a carrier sling we should be OK for the first month or so.”

      You’ll be ok for even longer than that…and by a month or two you’ll know pretty well what your stroller needs will be. If you’re getting a carseat that is also a carrier, I’d suggest getting something like the “Graco Snugride”. It is the barebones of a stroller, just meant to carry the carseat carrier and is only 60$.

      Good luck with all of the shopping! If you don’t let it stress you out, it can actually be kind of fun.

    9. avalikelava says:

      The Snugride is actually the one our friends were awesome enough to give us. It did come with the basic stroller, which is why I feel I’m not in any rush to get a hefty one right away.

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