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    Is Now the time to Tell?

    The last week has been filled with mixed emotions. We are at such the early stages that it feels like we shouldn’t tell many people about our state, but that’s seems strange given how open we’ve been with our process (well it’s mostly been A doing the sharing). It didn’t feel right to suddenly go Radio Silent, especially with those that have been following this blog.

    We’ve decided to keep posting on this blog — so we’ll keep posting updates, information on the process, and our general feelings as we continue down this journey. There may be times when you get info from the blog instead of from a direct call or email. Please don’t feel like you’ve been left out — if you are reading this then you are already part of the Inner Circle. Precisely the people that we want and need to provide us with the love and support, regardless of any twists and turns this journey make take.

    The balance we’ve struck is that we have two groups – those that know our Secret and those that don’t. If you were following the blog before we received our BFP (big fat positive) then you know all the details. But until we progress through the first trimester, we’re not broadcasting our news. So help us keep the Secret for a while longer.

    We love the support we’ve received thus far and truly appreciate it. Stayed tuned for more posts.

    3 responses to “Is Now the time to Tell?”

    1. alibee says:

      Agh, I hope I didn’t screw up too much on Friday with this. 🙁

    2. avalikelava says:

      You most certainly didn’t! The post is not directed at anyone in particular, we just want to ask people to suffer the pain of staying quiet with us too ;p

    3. alibee says:

      I just wrote S telling him via email that I had only told Dina and my mom — and neither of them know you guys and I didn’t even think that it would come up, duh. But when it did on Friday I was like, “D’oh! No talky bouty!”

      So I’m a dope. But I haven’t told anyone else. Shockingly. Since I’m a talker! 😀

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