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    In-laws and extended families

    As a kid I’d always heard jokes about “the in-laws” (typically from dads of my friends, or my own, in relation to their mothers’-in-law). Sometimes I wondered if a mother-in-law was the real-life equivalent of the evil step-mothers I learned about from fairy tale books. When my dating life began I came to see that the families of your significant other come in many personalities, shapes and sizes and whether “evilness” applied was determined on a case by case basis.

    I had one relationship where as deeply as I cared for the boy, his parents were determined to hate me. To this day I have no idea why. His mother tried acquiring him a book titled “How to break up with your boyfriend” hoping that there would be applicable sections on how to deal with a girlfriend. I knew that parent relationship wasn’t going to last the very first dinner we had together – she made fish… with said boyfriend knowing explicitly that I don’t eat cooked fish.
    In a different relationship, which ended awfully, I was saddened not as much to loose the guy, but to loose the connection to his family – I think I liked them more than I liked him.

    And then of course there is the BIG one: my in-laws now. All I have to say is that I absolutely love my acquired family!!! I feel fortunate and lucky. They’re patient, caring, non-judgmental of me and they’ve accepted me since the first day we met. I know they’re there when we need them and always offer a helping hand.

    Case in point: our most recent visit to the East Coast. S and I don’t get a chance to visit nearly as often as we’d like (money, work, trying to evenly share holidays). This trip was to see S’s parents’ new home, visit with his grand-ma (who is a spunky 93 year-old) and visit with our niece and nephew. S’ sister threw a shower for us!!! Many of S’ uncles, aunts and cousins came. It was great to see everyone be so happy for us, wish us well, be so generous, and give us some words of wisdom. Kelle (S’ sister) asked each to write some fatherly or motherly advice. My favorites were:

    • “Don’t ever say they won’t do something because they’ll do just that” (yeah, my parents will agree with this one)
    • “Run… RUN” — Thanx Lloyd!
    • “Baby food jars are great for storing nails”. (Follow-up question: Is that before or after they’ve been emptied?)
    • “Urine is sterile”… but apparently not good as a cleaning solution

    I also appreciated having everyone’s address written on the back of each advice card — when the advice doesn’t work out, at least we know where to ship G for some extra support.

    I know G will be loved and cared for by so many people between my family and S’. I feel fortunate to have and be part of this family and wouldn’t trade them in for the world! Oh — and my mother in law (AKA as Grammie R)… she couldn’t come close to an evil step-mother if she tried.

    3 responses to “In-laws and extended families”

    1. Grammie says:

      I am so glad you made the trip back East. It was a fast one but really meant a lot to us all. You are looking great, I think the phrase is “Glowing”. Take care and remember we love you
      Grammie R

    2. Sounds like a great trip! Your little one is going to have a wonderful extended family to love. 🙂

    3. Tracy says:

      The shower was great and you are looking wonderful. Pregnancy agrees with you. Start saving now for your next trip out to Virginia or to England with G.

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