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    I’m out, and I’m proud!

    I broke the news to the people at work today. My immediate team and my old guys that I used to manage got the following email:

    My husband and I have been working on a private venture. We’ve been in stealth mode over the last few months, but it’s getting difficult to hide. We both will be taking a personal leave of absence towards Q4 of this year to officially kick it off.

    Yeah… I tried the “valley” speak, and hopefully I didn’t scare any of you.

    So now for the actual interpretation: Shane and I are expecting. Our baby is due in September (Labor day) and we are both very excited.

    I work with like 70 different people on and off, so the rest will fall in line shortly.
    Oh… and in all fairness, I did also email the lady of “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant” fame. She works for a different team, and different building, so I thought it fair to let her know.

    All of our close friends already know too, but I’ll be sending a BIG email over the next few days to the extended people that might be interested.

    Can I tell you how exciting it is not to have to scavenge through my closet for the big, baggie shirts anymore? More than that, in a few weeks when I break out the preggie pants I won’t have to hide those either.

    So who wants to see pictures of my bump?

    7 responses to “I’m out, and I’m proud!”

    1. Adrienne says:

      well of course we want to see baby-bump pics! hahaha! congrats on being ‘out’! what a good feeling!

    2. alibee says:

      ME DUH!


    3. Katie says:

      I wanna see! Especially since I’ve had to wear maternity pants for the last two weeks.

    4. Jamers125 (Nestie) says:

      Of course we’d want to see your bump! Congrats on being out & proud. :o)

    5. tiff (aka blissfulgurl) says:

      I want to see too!!

    6. Mike Lee says:

      That is The Most Awesomest Email Announcement of a Pregnancy ever!!!

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