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    I’m not pregnant! I’m fat!

    I was on my way to a meeting today (running late mind you), when a (female) colleague I hadn’t seen in a few weeks passed by me in the hallways and exclaimed:
    “Oh my God, are you pregnant?”

    Now, I’m covered in my big fat jacket, so how she would be asking this is beyond me. Also this is happening right in front of the open door of my meeting, so I’m perplexed, seeking the right response, and panicked.
    I’m also too early to be showing, so yep, you guessed it – what she’s seeing isn’t the baby growing. It’s those burritos I’ve been indulging on.

    “No, I’ve just gained some weight!” was my response trying to look as guilty as possible while continuing to walk on.

    “No, really? Oh no, really?” she keeps asking.

    I just turned and nodded then went into my meeting.

    As I sat down I immediately felt bad. Here is this poor woman that meant nothing by it and now I feel like I’ve traumatized her for life. I sent her a message apologizing if I made her feel bad (without admitting the truth), and even went by her desk after my meeting, but a part of me is saying “Serves you right — you shouldn’t have asked anyway!”

    Nah… I feel mostly bad about it!

    So… should I tell her?

    8 responses to “I’m not pregnant! I’m fat!”

    1. S says:

      Okay – so tell you want to chat and invite her to meet you in the gym.

    2. alibee says:

      I don’t think you should. 😀

    3. emeraldwed says:

      Nah, I say let it lie. I’ve gotten that question a few times- and I’m not pg- so a hint that it’s not necessarily a good question to ask might be a good thing!

    4. Don’t worry about your little lie, let it be. She shouldn’t have asked in the first place.

      Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    5. Sheila says:

      Ha ha! No, I don’t think you should tell her. When you do finally tell work, she’ll hear it through the grapevine and remember her comment. She’ll also realize that she asked early on before you were comfortable telling people. Let this be a lesson to her! You should NEVER ask someone if they’re PG!

    6. anon says:

      I wouldn’t tell her. It was extremely rude of her to ask and to continue asking after you answered her. What if you were just fat, talk about inconsiderate.
      Enjoy your secret in private and don’t apologize for anything, she should be apologizing to you.

    7. Dave says:

      I agree. That’s a question you should NEVER ask, unless you’re walking around with a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” in hand.

    8. Evonne says:

      Nah, don’t tell until you are really ready to.

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