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    Guess who likes registering for baby stuff?

    That would be G.

    S and I have started planning out G’s room, and with all the things he’ll be taking with him (from the nursery), we’re putting together a list of things we’ll need for S2. At first our list only had 2-3 items on it (hey, having a same-gender sibling is really helping out here), but the more we thought of things, the more we realized we’ll need some duplicates (2 white-noise machines, 2 humidifiers, 2 small space heaters). So we’re trying to “save” some money and take advantage of registry completion coupons.

    So G and I went yesterday afternoon and created a registry for his baby brother. I genuinely think he enjoyed it more. He took the scanner and wouldn’t let go.

    Actually it was kind of fun. I held onto items, and he had to point, keep the laser steady and hold down the scanner button. Yes, it took maybe 3x longer than if I did it on my own, but he was happy, and S got some stuff done at home.

    My only concern? G was pointing at things all over the place and clicking on that yellow button all the time. I only wondered what was going to end up on the registry when we got home. Luckily, he didn’t manage to scan anything other than what we did together. Of course, he did try to scan himself a few times too. Maybe when S and I told him we were going to shop for babies he took it seriously…

    PS. If you want a good week-end past-time, when a local store has a baby sale, go in and ask a sales-person for a baby. Preferably one that looks like you. It’s most effective when you keep a straight face. You get some really great looks. S and I really enjoyed this one.

    One response to “Guess who likes registering for baby stuff?”

    1. alison! says:

      We hit up BRU this weekend for a couple of things and K was sitting in the cart (the big part) on our way out. The checker was someone I’ve become friends with (THAT is a sad statement of affairs, right there), and I told her I couldn’t find a price on this baby I’d picked up, so she pretended to scan her and look for a UPC code, which made K crack right up. 😀

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