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    Freaky feelings

    For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of being pregnant (or just lack the equipment to get that way), there’s an interesting condition that occurs as the belly grows: your main abdominal muscles separate and spread out. Now you don’t feel this happening, it doesn’t hurt and nothing looks strange, but if you “look” for it (ie. poke around enough), you can feel it.

    At exercise class Monday the instructor tested the separation for everyone in the class. She does this mostly to confirm if you need to adjust the abdominal part of the work-out. The way this test goes is like this: you lie down on your back and bring your chin to your chest. She then presses down, gently, about an inch north of the belly button. So after she confirmed I was good, I got curious: I mean what did she feel for? How could she tell? I started at the ceiling as I pressed at the same spot and felt nothing… until I brought my head up. Holy cow! Yeah, that was different… and creepy… and kind of freaky. It was like going to the theatre: curtain close/curtain open.

    So now I’m stuck between “Ew!” and “This is cool!”

    2 responses to “Freaky feelings”

    1. Kelle says:

      i saw the this on Dr. Oz this week. like your graphics though!

    2. Molly says:

      I’m admittedly freaked out by this – since I’ve not been pregnant yet, I had no idea. I’m definitely more on the EW side.

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