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    First gender dream… and labor nightmare

    I had my second “labor” dream tonight. I should rather say nightmare because it was very unpleasant. With both of my labor dreams I ended up w/ another c-section. I don’t know if this is my subconscious speaking, but this last one was certainly not a c-section by choice. It was not good! I won’t go into the details (call it superstition), but let’s just say that this is not a birth option I’m considering. At least it had a happy ending and we took a healthy baby home.

    A healthy BOY baby might I add. I had my first gender dream around this time with G. While it was a lot more confusing (winged pet lions for Halloween, really?) it was right on. Let’s see if this dream will be correct too… or if I’ll have some other dreams to change my opinion.

    Anyway, back to sleep for me. Night, night!

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