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    Eating while working out: there’s a good one!

    I went and worked out with my new personal trainer today for the first time. It was the first time I’ve had a good, solid work-out in four months. It was awesome!!! My old trainer is great, but he’s not prenatal certified, so I had to change 🙁 I’m a little sad, but my new trainer is really sweet. She’s a mom of two so, working from experience, preparing for labor, and recovering from labor is what she’s having me focus on.

    So… aside of muscle groups waking up for the first time in months, I had a scary moment where in the middle of our session all I really wanted was a banana. I mean working out was good, but I was hungry, and my hunger really wanted a banana to pair up with my triceps exercises.

    Therefore here goes my question: aside from laughing on the inside (or outside as the case may be)… if you saw someone chowing down on some food while in the gym… what would you do?

    4 responses to “Eating while working out: there’s a good one!”

    1. EmWed says:

      I’d assume it was a pg lady, actually! 😉

    2. Kelly Marie says:

      Jackie Warner from Sky Sport, says you should never do anything on an empty stomach…especially work out. I don’t think i’d have an opinion about someone eating banana at the gym. Oreos or a huge roast beef sandwich would raise my eyebrows though 😉

    3. Angela says:

      As long as they weren’t breaking out a full ‘meal’ or a hamburger or something while on the treadmill, I would assume they had a blood sugar problem – hypoglycemia or diabetes or something like that… Or maybe PG if there was a belly bump. 😉

    4. Jennifer says:

      I think I would just laugh and assume it’s something I would do! My husband and I always watch Biggest Loser…while eating dinner. Last night we ordered pizza. We really enjoyed our dinner but laughed the whole time. I know that’s not working out and eating, though. Oh well, go for that banana next time, what’s the harm?!?

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