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    Do you know what you’re having? Yes, a 6lb bag of potato chips

    We went to a b-day party yesterday, and feeling the liberty of 13w and the fact that most of our friends know we’re expecting, I wore a very belly-hugging shirt.

    While I was following G run around like a mad-toddler, S was chatting it up with his b-school friends (sharing our news with those still in the dark). Later as I approached their group, friend N says:

    “A, I see you need to lay off those chips”

    My simple response was “Yeah, I agree, but with any luck in about 7 months, I’ll end up delivering a 6lb bag of potato chips”

    N’s wife, however, was away while N got the scoop from S that we are expecting. To me, I look pregnant, but I think I’m at that stage where people are just afraid to ask. Horrified that her husband was getting so lippy, her jaw just about dropped. Thankfully after she heard my response, she relaxed. She said she was ready to smack him, or at the very least run away from the group so that she didn’t have to be associated with the embarrassment he was raining on himself. So lesson to the guys out there: if you’re in on knowing that someone is pregnant and want to make light of the situation, share it with your significant other first. Otherwise you risk getting their shoe fitted in your mouth 🙂

    I kept the joke on for the rest of the party and as people asked if we knew what we were having, I responded “Not yet, but I hope it’s a bag of Kettle Salt & Vinegar”.

    Now… onto G.

    This party had a petting zoo. Although it took him 2-3 entries into the animal enclosure G LOVED it. They had little goats, a pink-bellied pig, bunnies, chickens and ducks. He was all over them, and really enjoyed the bunnies and the goats. I wish I had pictures to illustrate this to you, but in my “get out of the house” state, I replaced my dying camera battery with a fully dead one 🙂 Nothing better than pulling out your camera only to find out you can’t even turn it on. Sure made a nice weight for my diaper bag though.

    G also greatly enjoyed the sand box. At daycare there isn’t a sandbox in the toddler/infant play area. Also given that we live in, what I swear is, a wind-tunnel, any sand left loose in our yard could only end up giving us a fine reproduction of the movie The Mummy. As such, R’s party was a bit of a treat for him. I think, he bonded with the sand particles as he took it upon himself to lead mission “Liberate Sand” and tried to evacuate as much of the sand from said box onto the mulch around it (pretty much now making it unrecoverable). This is where Mom buries her head in her hands and profusely apologizes to the owners of said home/sandbox.

    Either way, a fun time was had by all.

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