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    Cravings, Queasiness, Food aversions, oh my!

    Lookie — two posts in two days. You must be lucky!

    I think I’m finally starting to feel pregnant. As always it’s the ever-so-popular phrase “Be careful what you wish for!”

    I’m giddy I’m finally here…. of course mixed in with a small dose of regret for complaining about it a few weeks ago.

    Let’s start with last night:
    S and I went out to see Cirque with some friends. We caught the early show so afterwards we went to grab some dinner. Our place of choice? Amici’s Pizza. As we’re done with our meal, right before we leave the restaurant, I attend to my now standard “go potty” routine. As I’m on my way back to the table I pass by a birthday cake: a tall cake with white frosting with a chocolate sauce on the top with intentional drippings on the sides. I walk by it and think “Yum!”.
    Then the cake began to stalk me. It magically developed candles and someone carried it right behind me and plopped it on the table right next to ours. The kids were giddy. I was salivating. I whimpered “Birthday Cake!”….
    We go get our parking ticket validated after making a little shopping spree at Safeway. Of course you walk in through the door, and what is the first department 10 feet from the door? Pastries — with juicy, tasty looking cakes lined up to the window.
    S is trying to calm me down and lead me away from the path of temptation.


    “Why?” you might ask. Well, come 5am this little filly wakes up mad, and hungry. For what? CAKE!!!!

    I have never had a craving so bad that it wouldn’t go away!

    Finally this afternoon after non-stop cake thoughts I caved in — I went to our local market and bought myself the tiniest, tiniest cake I could find. It was in a tiny container the size of an orange. I ate half of it and now I’m finally happy!

    I kinda thought pregnancy cravings were kind of a joke. I’m formally eating my words. Pregnancy cravings are dangerous, dangerous things!

    Now I feel bad for threatening S that I’m purposefully going to give him a craving of cheese that has to come from Paris, France. What if I really do?

    Now… onto Queasiness.

    After waking up mad that I got no cake, nor had any cake, I went back to bed and begrudgingly back to sleep. I slept poorly — bad dreams, crampy tummy, it was awful. I had to reach over and grab my “emergency” crackers. I ate three while half asleep trying to convince myself I was just hungry and with a few crackers “Life would be better”.

    I was wrong! I spent my day today curled up in bed feeling “not so right”. No official Toilet God contributions, but enough to put me feel poopie until noon. At least it happened on a day where I was planning on hanging out in bed anyway.

    The weird part — right now I am thrilled to be able to say this! After waiting so long to get pregnant, I couldn’t be happier!

    … but the thought of being sick daily for another 7 weeks isn’t so thrilling 🙂

    One response to “Cravings, Queasiness, Food aversions, oh my!”

    1. Kirsten says:

      I had no idea you were freaking out over birthday cake after dinner – you hid it well. I hope that tiny cake continue to satisfy your cravings and that the queasiness is but a minor annoyance.

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