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    Have you ever had a Hallelujah moment? You know one of those cartoon segments when a little light bulb goes off above your head?

    Well, I had one of those this morning.

    At my regular OB appointment, Dr. M’s assistant, J, asked me how my back was doing. I told her that while my lower back is now much better, I had reconciled to the fact that I will likely have weekly visits to the chiropractor until the end of pregnancy since my left hip keeps making me miserable. She then asked “Is that the side you sleep on?”


    I’ve been obsessing over how it is that I keep messing up my hips every week. I feel good on Monday, and Tuesday, but then by Friday I feel stiff, sore and achy all over again. I look forward to Mondays purely for the chiro visits. How sad is that?

    Last Friday was so bad at one point I couldn’t apply ANY weight on my left leg, and even sitting hurt. (Kind of freaked S out. We were in IKEA and I was just… stuck) I’ve been paranoid over how I walk, sit, stand… everything. But never ONCE did I think that I’m re-injuring myself while sleeping of all things. It makes sense. I can’t sleep on my belly (sad), and at this stage being on my back for long periods of time isn’t working for me either, and I am favoring my left for some reason. Well with all that weight, and trying to get comfortable on my side, I must be tweaking my left hip. So now I’m on a mission to figure out a better way to sleep.

    J is brilliant! Brilliant I tells ya’!

    Oh, in other news. I got a 120 mg/dL on my glucose tolerance test. A FAR cry from my 141 with G. I’m diabetes negative and free from worrying about tasting that nasty drink ever again and having my blood sucked over a period of 3 hours. Hooray!

    2 responses to “Brilliant!”

    1. Rebecca says:

      do you sleep with a pillow between your knees? Or one of those full length body pillows?
      I hope the realization can bring you relief, but I remember having aching hips wake me up when pregnant a couple times a night at the end.. then a couple times I actually got out of bed early because both hips were too sore to get comfortable… maybe sleep in a recliner? Not that you want to do that for the next 3 months.

      • avalikelava says:

        I DO sleep with a pillow in between my legs — I actually always have, since I was little. I don’t use a full length pillow: I tried the Snoogle with G and HATED it.
        I need to figure some pillow fortress of some sort. I’ll be working on that this week.

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