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    The job of the Bradley coach

    In preparation for labor, S and I signed up for a Bradley birthing class. (Bradley, like Lamaze is a birthing approach.) One of the core principles of Bradley is the coach assisted child-birth. S, of course, in this journey, has the role of coach. I, in turn, will take the role of the pregnant woman going through labor.

    A second principle of the Bradley method, is that birth should be regarded as an athletic event and that the mother’s body should be conditioned (mentally and physically) for the challenge ahead. What this means is that there are a series of exercises that should be done every day, and as the pregnant person does them, the coach should assist and encourage.

    So last night, S in his most encouraging tone, reminded me it was time for some exercises. This on its own makes me give him a dirty look: when you’re comfy in bed the last thing you want to do is get up and do some squats and pelvic tilts.

    I begrudgingly get up. As I do this, S moves over to my side of the bed and proceeds to tell me that in the Bradley book he is reading, the coach is encouraged to take over the lady’s side of the bed “and keep it warm for her” while she exercises. So there is S, laptop in lap, lounging on my perfectly positioned pillows while I have to get down on all fours. The only thing he was missing was a bag of Cheetos!

    Thanx coach!!!

    4 responses to “The job of the Bradley coach”

    1. Rebecca says:


      I can just picture it, complete with the steam shooting out of A’s ears 😉

    2. Patty says:

      LOL, way to take one for the team, S!

    3. Kirsten says:

      I love it. At least he didn’t ask you to go get him some Cheetos.

    4. avalikelava says:

      Yes, that would have exceeded the steam in my ears. I would have blown the full gasket 🙂

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