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    A “Betting Guide” for new parents

    Has the phrase “I’ll give you a buck if [insert event here]” ever come out of your mouth?

    I’m not much of a betting person, but once in awhile I’ll take a fun challenge.

    What I’m finding interesting is the creativity that new (or about to be new) parents take with bets. Take for example the latest one S and I have going:

    S’ project has been getting delayed for quite some time now. It’s beta date keeps slipping, so I’ve bet him that they’re not releasing this product to beta customers in 2008. Right now it’s scheduled for October. S being the faithful man that he is (in his team), is holding out confidence that it will go out on time (or at least in this calendar year).

    What’s on the line? A fun night of sole diaper changing responsibility. Night to be determined by the winner.

    So with poo on the line, you know we mean business. Care to bet on which one of us will win this one? ;p

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