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    I did tease, therefore I shall deliver.

    Here are some pics of my belly at 14 weeks.

    Belly - 14w

    Yeah, it’s not huge, but give it time — this is my starter belly after all.

    Interesting things noted with said belly include:

    1. my balance is starting to go. I pride myself on having excellent balance. Between gymnastics growing up and several years of dance, I enjoy being able to tie my shoes while standing on one leg. I’m not to a point where I’m toppling over myself, but my center of gravity is in need of some readjustment.
    2. the belly isn’t where the baby is! The baby, for the time being, is located about an inch or so above my pelvic bones… riiight around my low-rise pants line. What’s growing above it could be all those burritos I mentioned prior, but is also all my internal organs being pushed up in my abdomen. Freaky, huh?
    3. charlie horse cramps. Now I don’t mean the Charlie Horse cramps you have on your legs. Oh no — I’ve had the joys of experiencing this cramping around my belly. They suck! This phenomenon seems to happen if I’m either contracted or stretched out for a period of time. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I will be upping my water intake.
    4. belly butter! Over the last week I’ve also discovered the joys of Belly Butter. Oh boy, does it smell yummy! Now pregnancy has made me forgetful, not stupid, so I know if I was to eat it, it would taste awful, but that smell is just tasty!
    5. i am about 2 inches of growth away having to trade my last two pairs of jeans that still fit me for maternity wear (or in my terminology: preggie pants). S has been dying to have me go maternity shopping. He even got me my first maternity shirt, which I’m wearing in the pics above. I’m still living in denial of having to give up my pants, so let’s see how long we can keep them going.

    That’s it for belly shot #1.

    8 responses to “Belly!!!!!”

    1. omg! You are so cute! So envious of your adorable bump! Congrats on everything!
      As for the charlie horse cramps, is it like growing pains that we all had growing up? I’ve never heard of it, and haven’t experienced (yet?) but I hope upping your water and maybe the belly butter will help!
      Thanks for sharing your pics!

      ps/ and so sorry it seems I am stalking your blog, I’ve been your first commenter like twice in a row. I think I’ve just had a lot of laptop face’time the last couple days, I’ll try to calm down… Just super excited for you!

    2. Heather(truelove) says:

      You have a cute baby belly.

      as for the cramping up your water & not so much sugars, I had these pain right at the end of my first tri. its your inside moving around trying to make room for the baby or could be not enough water

    3. alibee says:

      Cute shirt! 😀

      Your baby belly is tres chic, dahlink.

    4. You look GREAT! I can’t wait to seeyou little pg belly in person. Don’t be suprised if I want to rub it either, I am one of those CRAZY people who loves pg bellies. Don’t worry though I don’t touch with out asking.

      My sis had cramping like that durring her 12-15 weeks and said water and bannanas really helped.

    5. Mike Lee says:

      Oh WOW!!! Congratulations!!! That’s so awesome! And um, that bit about the internal organs being pushed aside… :-& (that’s the emoticon for the sick face).

    6. Angela says:

      You look absolutely adorable!

      Oh… And where’d you get that shirt? It’s cute.

    7. Rebecca says:

      You look so cute!
      Too bad my belly has stayed bigger than that since james came along. Maybe our bellies will be the same size in may even though you’re a couple months ahead 😉

    8. Charmaine (SJBride05) says:

      You look great and I love the baby giraffe shirt. What a great hubby you have!

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