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    Aaaah! Baby Names

    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s early, but over the last few weeks S and I have been around some other pregnant couples (in person and online) and names have come up. Three times this week, interestingly enough!

    I don’t know if this is typical, but S and I have become kinda greedy and protective of our names… esp. with people due before us — almost for fear that they’ll name their child the same and we’ll feel like the “us too” family.

    I know that you can’t call “dibbs” on a name… or at least it’s poor form to… so S and I have decided to share with everyone (that reads this post at least) the top picks on our lists of baby names.


    • Griffin
    • Storm
    • Zane


    • Quinn
    • Zoe
    • Alexa

    If you like any of these, already plan to use any of these, or decide that you like them for you own — we will not object or complain… just don’t be surprised if come Labor Day week-end there’s another kid in your ‘hood with the same 🙂

    We’re being honest and up-front now, and not knowing your choices please don’t feel like we’re copying you.

    Down the line, once we know the gender of our kiddo, we’ll compile the final name list, first/middle/last name and will send it to our friends. Why you ask? We need a sanity check — and hence will be inviting our friends to regress to their playground days of making fun of our names to the worst extreme.

    If you’d like to play the “Make fun of our child’s name” game, let me know and I’ll put you on our list.

    10 responses to “Aaaah! Baby Names”

    1. alibee says:

      Aw! I would like to state that none of your girl names overlap our girl name.

      Don’t ask me why I have a girl name yet. 😛

      I know a guy named Zoe (pronounced “zoh”). Please don’t do that. 😀

    2. I love the name Zoe! But don’t worry we have three girl names already picked out so unless we have all girl quads your name choices are safe!

      My hubby is great at the game “make fun of my name” so be sure to let me know if you need any help.

    3. Jamers125 (Nestie) says:

      I know what you mean about names and I’m not even pregnant yet! I must say that I really like Quinn. My grandpa’s middle name in Quinton and I thought Quinn was a nice girl’s variation of that if we choose name a baby after him. My hubby isn’t convinced, though so our future children would probably not be sharing the name! I think that ANY name has the potential to be made fun of, so go with what you and S like!

    4. Terri says:

      I know how you feel. My best friend had twin boys 7 months before Erin was born, and they used not one, both BOTH of our boys’ names (and the only two boys names in the entire world that we agreed on). If we ever have boys, we will really struggle! Thank goodness Erin was a girl, and we had tons of girls’ names.

      I like Griffin a lot, and I love all of the girls’ names. Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

    5. That is such a great idea! Love the sanity check name game… count me in if you need a Nestie flavor.

      Oh, and no worries here… we already have a lengthy list of names (but no bun in the oven yet)but none of the names are the same… I do love the name Zoe though! And Storm too. I know a man named Storm, a lot of people love the uniqueness of it.

    6. emeraldwed says:

      I like the list of names! But you can always add DH and me to the sanity check party- DH in particular is very good at that game. 😉

    7. Evonne says:

      Those are great names, but luckily the ones that we like are not on your list (just yet)! Not to say that we don’t like the ones you have on that list, but at least we have different tastes in names, that’s all.

      Do you want a boy or a girl?

    8. mamadep says:

      Woot! I’m partial to Quinn since it’s Faith’s middle name. 🙂

      and I really like Zane! It sounds very strong.

    9. JoAnne Taylor says:

      Just cking in on progress – I’m SO glad to hear all is going well, cravings and all! It’s all good stuff.

      And bytheway, Kev and I do have a cross-over name w/your list…but then again, we have like 10+ names on each of our list, so who know’s what we’ll end up with – we’re waiting to meet the little guy/girl first. I am curious though…no JoAnne? It’s a stellar name! XO to you both!!

    10. Mike Lee says:

      How about Neko? No, wait, that’s not a good kid name…

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