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    A good u/s. A good day

    Today was my NT scan and I’m happy to say that things are looking good.

    The fluid between the skin and neck measured at 1.6mm pretty consistently, and the kid was 2 confirmed arms and legs. The brain lobes were also forming properly, and my cervix and uterus look good.

    The risk of Down’s syndrome are 1/23,000 if you go by the age I was during conception and 1/18,000 at my current maternal age. Trisomy 18 risks at 1/100,000 in each age scenario. The State is required to get both sets of numbers. Honestly, unless I am way off on understanding genetics, I really don’t get how my current age will impact genetic sequencing, but either way — the risks in each of Downs and Trisomy 18 are very, very low. Of course, I need to go back in a few weeks for my second blood screen to confirm.

    And here are some photos from today.

    A few moments later there was some thumb sucking action

    Here are some 3D views. Much like G, this one likes to hide his/her face, so in each of the 3D images you’ll observe some nice peek-a-boo action.

    The big excitement of today’s appointment was getting out of the building. As we walked past the elevators, I saw one of my former managers sitting there reading on his iPhone. Poop! Said manager, while no longer with my company, can still easily get news to my team that I’ve got a bun in the oven. And while I’m planning on telling everyone next week, I just want it to be my news to share and I wasn’t really interested in talking to him about it just yet. So S and I tried to find an alternate exit to downstairs. Since we couldn’t find it, we tried to devise a way for me to sneak into the elevator without being noticed. Needless to say it didn’t work. I got caught and called out. I used a cover story of seeing an attorney who worked across the hallway from the Dr. office and focused the conversation on him as much as possible. S still doesn’t get why I lied, and while it doesn’t really make sense, as I said — it’s my call who I get to share my news with and who I don’t.

    I go back in a few weeks for the second portion of the blood screening and in July for the anatomical scan. If I see him again (possible, since he WAS there for the same office I just came out of), then I get tell him all about our big news. Better yet, I won’t have to — it will be quite obvious. Ha!

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    1. becoming-mom says:

      Congratulations on a great scan, baby is looking cute already! 🙂

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