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    6w4d is what our baby is measuring at. It is 1 day ahead of schedule, but certainly on track of where it should be. The measurements are good and we got to see and hear its little heart-beat. It’s a good pace of 117, which is right on track for the current gestational age. It will get faster over the next couple of weeks.

    Given how crummy I’ve felt over the past week, and a few off-hand comments from various doctors and people “in the know”, I’ve been really fearful that our single embie split into twins. While twins are miracles, and I would’ve loved to have twins while pregnant with G, I’ve been really afraid of them now. Between the increased risk during pregnancy, knowing it would be unlikely to carry to term, complications, then insanity of 2 children NOT sleeping while a toddler also needs me; and then the added cost of care, I’ve been really, really scared. I know that we would do fine in the end if it were twins, but the logistics (and hey you know we’re planners) were just mind-boggling. I spent a few good hours yesterday reading medical studies on mono-zygotic twins following infertility treatment. Aaaah, all my bio classes were finally paying back. At the end of my reading, I saw that the chances of us having identical twins was 1.36%, and that was of the sample group already pregnant. The rates of MZ twins following an FET cycle were even lower (0.18%). I’ve slept pretty good last night knowing this. I guess I should’ve done the reading much, much sooner. Call me a glutton for punishment.

    When the ultrasound went in, I immediately saw the sac, and in the sac I immediately saw a single embie. It was a huge first sigh of relief. The rest of the appointment I could focus on the measurements and how simply perfect this little one is right now. I’m happy! Our next appointment is in 2 weeks and I hope things continue to stay on track. Until then, wanna take bets what my next neurosis will be? I give myself about 3 days before something settles in :

    But until then, marvel at G’s little sibling. It’s the lumpy thing inside the black bubble. Did I mention my dad is convinced we’re having another boy?

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    1. Christa says:

      YAY!! SO happy for you:)

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