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    4 (or 6) dress sizes bigger

    In two weeks S and I will be attending the wedding of a good friend. This meant shopping! I wanted to wait until I was very close to the wedding to get anything for fear that when I finally need to get into said outfit it wouldn’t… well… fit.

    So this past Saturday I went shopping. 3 maternity stores later I had no dress to speak of, but did make the following observations:

    • finding a maternity dress that is neither white nor black is hard
    • finding a semi-formal maternity dress is harder. Finding a semi-formal dress that doesn’t look like something my grandmother would wear is harder still
    • finding a reasonably priced, non-white, non-black, non-casual, non-“I’m in my 80’s” maternity dress is just about impossible. I just can’t justify spending $170 on a dress I will only wear once. I can’t justify spending that much on a dress period, so the maternity style/size makes it even worse
    • maternity stores are a great source for a rest-room. Note to others: if at a mall and in need of a restroom, find a maternity store
    • putting the pregnancy belly pillow under your clothes to see what you’ll look like in a few months is frightening. I got a glimpse into my future, and let me tell you – it’s humongous!

    After our third store visit though, we walked by Express. There in the window were a few very cute dresses, that although not intended for a woman in my “delicate condition” would work just fine.

    My new dress
    [picture this, but in silvery gray, no print]

    So inside we go, through the dresses I look and I pick up a size 6, and a size 8. Prior to our pregnancy adventure, I wore a size S, 3, 5 or 6 depending on the designer. Given the design of the dress I figured I should still try the size 6, and maybe the size 8 just in case. In the dressing room, I started with the size 8. Wouldn’t you know it? It wouldn’t zip up around my boobs!!! Of all things my rib-cage circumference grew! So a size 10 was next. It fit. The dress was reasonably priced, so I decided to go for it. I also purchased a size 12 “just in case”. I’ll be returning whichever I can’t zip in two weeks.

    So there it is – I am now the proud owner of two dresses, each respectfully 4 and 6 sizes bigger than pre-belly. A little scary to think about, but I have a good reason.

    Oh – PS. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my good friend R who as a bridesmaid at my wedding, 8 months pregnant, definitely CAN’T reuse her dress. Sorry babe!

    One response to “4 (or 6) dress sizes bigger”

    1. Kirsten says:

      You have to love the empire waist styles that are in right now! Nice work getting something cute and stylish.

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