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    Uhmnm… we have an announcement

    Little man is sans a tooth. His first fell victim to a popcorn encounter last night. Given the level of ‘wiggliness’ we knew it was coming out that evening faced against any solid food item.

    As you know, I’m not a fan of tooth loss, and this one, frankly hit me hard. My baby is loosing his baby teeth, and is defying of my opposition to getting older.

    Last weekend he ran down from his room, crying. His mouth was bleeding and he insisted he heard a pop in his mouth. I kept asking him what he was chewing on, but he insisted he didn’t have anything in his mouth. When I ran my finger against his teeth this one was wiggly. I wasn’t ready for this! I kept asking him to leave it alone. And maybe it will solidify again and we could forget this whole toothless thing. Alas I didn’t have my way.

    Once he figured out that the Tooth Fairy was coming for him he got all excited.

    And because we are who we are, we didn’t want to let the tooth go without a microscope examination. Storm wrote a (very cute) note to the Tooth Fairy asking that the tooth stays an extra day.

    Side note, teeth look awesome close up.

    I really might need to invest in a camera to capture stills from the microscope.

    Now, my only request of the Tooth Fairy is that only one child requires braces. We already know Griffin’s orthodontics bill will be the cost of a vehicle. Not looking to double up on that.

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