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    The meaning of “No!”

    S2 is having some difficulty with the word “No!” Mostly in that he doesn’t know what the reprocussions are when he says that he doesn’t want something or doesn’t want to do something. Case in point:

    S2 loves his Bagel Poppers from Noah’s bagels. Over the week-end, we head there for breakfast before a Home Depot kids workshop. S and G get out of the car. I get out of the car, and open S2’s door, ready to get him out.

    S2: NO! I don’t want to go!
    Me: Ok, that’s alright we’ll stay in the car.
    S2: [flips out.] Yes! Yes I do!
    Me: Ok, fine. [head to unbuckle him]
    S2: No! I don’t want to get out

    At this point I motion for S and G to just go get stuff. This stand-off wasn’t going anywhere, and I decided to stay in the car with S2, “honoring his wishes”. Yeah, you’d think I had kidnapped him from the ongoing screaming after Daddy and his brother went on. It went consistently between. “I do. I do want to go” and “I don’t want to go”. I wasn’t even saying anything — he was just having a screaming fit with his multiple personalities. I did attempt to give him one more shot while the guys were still inside, met with the same response as above. I quit!

    He just doesn’t get what saying “No!” means, and no matter how many times we’ve done this natural consequence response with him. It’s just not sinking in. Ah – yet something else I’m looking forward to outgrowing 🙂


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