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    New school… for everyone

    G had his first day at his new school today. Drop-off was hard: he turned into a barnacle attached to S, and almost had to be craw-barred off. He cried as we left, and it hurt to leave him. But luckily, it appears the tears didn’t last long. S wasn’t able to get the full download at pickup since his teachers were gone for the day.

    The unexpected part, for me, was how I’d feel only with S in tow. We walked out of the house this morning, just the two of us. I know that the boys wont be attending the same school all the time, and this is the first day in a series of times they will no longer over-lap. But it made me sad a bit for S2. He’s only ever known a school as a place where his big brother is there with him. Ms. S pulled me aside today and told me that she found our little man sitting on the floor sulking for a bit this morning. He told her that G was at his new school. On the car ride today, he told me the same thing. And then he immediately told me he wants to go with his older brother. I was instantly jealous of parents with kids spaced more than 4 years apart in age :-/ I felt as if I ripped S2 away from his best friend. The two appear to battle for survival the way they go at it half the time, and moments like this make me realize how much their absence is felt.

    Blah. Hoping this transition will go smoothly for all… and quick!

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