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    My car: many (things) will enter. Few will leave

    Yeah, that’s really not a joke. Observe:

    The above was just evicted from my vehicle. I required the use of a basket, as it was impossible to carry out without the utility of a container. Included were:
    – 1 sticker book
    – 1 toy lizzard
    – 1 harmonica
    – 1 (unopened) boogie wipes container
    – 1 bead. Surprised there weren’t more
    – 1 toy helicopter
    – 1 toddler Kleen Kanteen bottle of water
    – 2 blankets
    – 3 jacket
    – unlisted amount of trash

    and if this is where you want to add “and a Pairtridge in a Pear tree” you can shove it, because there is no room.

    With all of the above it’s no wonder why my car developed a stink. I was -| |- close to having my car detailed and shampooed thoroughly on the inside.  However, a trip to Target, some UN-memorable amount of money later, and 3 types of air freshener, my car is actually now quite tolerable, thank you very much. However, if you would like to gift me a certificate to a car-wash where above mentioned shampoo can be taken care of, I will rejoice 🙂

    BC (before children) my car used to be so nice, too. I wasn’t OCD about keeping the “new car smell”, but at least it was orderly, and I never had to shovel shoes, paperwork, and shoo off old French fries so that others can ride with me. Now? Yeah, perhaps it’s better I ride alone.

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