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    We spent Halloween with friend (again) this year. Frankly, it’s kind of the way to go, as far as I’m concerned. The kids have a blast, Shane and I get to prep for a night of mayhem in the company of people we like… plus our neighborhood doesn’t celebrate, and it feels less creepy going to someone else’s ‘hood without a good reason to be there.

    Griffin was a Squirtle. He wanted to be a pokemon, but was willing to accept whatever Amazon and eBay had in his size/budget. Storm? Well, Storm ended up being several things throughout the day, and had multiple options to choose from. He was Iron Man for his school’s parade, and surprised me by coming as Darth Vader (again) for ToT.

    Bonus of the latest Star Wars movies being out? Darth Vader gets to hand with Kylo Ren: grandfather and grandson reunite.

    Squirtle got to play basketball against Steph Curry. As a whole a good night was had by all.


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