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    The tooth-fairy commeth

    G has a wiggly tooth. For real this time (as opposed to the past year he’s been telling us he has a wiggly tooth — all the way in the back of his mouth ­čÖé ). But yeah, front bottom left incisor is getting ready to make an exit.

    And I’m not ready.

    I’m not ready for missing teeth. Honestly? They kinda creep me out. And I have a whole thing with saliva, so helping someone extract a tooth with all the drooling? Pass!

    And missing teeth-wholes are┬ánot cute. The little sharp, saw-blade teeth that come up?┬áWhy? The baby teeth weren’t serrated. Why do adult teeth have to be?

    Plus this┬ástarts off a whole trend of growing up, with┬ápre-teenage-hood and smelliness, armpit hair, and kids that don’t call me “mommy” anymore.


    Meanwhile, the “tooth-fairy” is ready with a 2 dollar bill. A new toothbrush head (the boys have electric toothbrushes) is also on it’s way.

    Just PLEASE make this teething round not nearly the painful experience it was the first time around!

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