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    Failing 18th century womanhood

    I made G’s Halloween costume this year. That’s right! Do act shocked. He wanted to be a caterpiller, and with less than 2 weeks to go between Halloween and his mind-swap, there was little opportunity to find something that would fit him online.

    Sewing can’t be that hard right? I mean with YouTube on the right and the sewing machine on the left, what can go wrong? Just as soon as someone figured out the whole bobbin thing for me I’d be set, right?  Yeah, let’s just say I owe the iron-on seam inventor a big thank you for that day.

    So… I don’t sew.
    I don’t like doing laundry.
    Cooking is an event, in my mind, not an every day chore. I am good at this, though.
    I can’t embroider worth a damn.I did learn how to knit, although haven’t done anything since my very early teens.

    There. I totally would fail at being a female in the 18th century or earlier. I would either need to be an aristocrat, where most of the above wasn’t expected, or just die a lonely old maid because I bring no value to a house-hold.

    I don’t object to the above… most of the time. But when a friend asks you to contribute to a tribute project, or your kid looks up at you with grand designs on a costume? Kinda wish I had the skills. Photoshop, after all, can only get you so far.

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