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    2014 look-back

    I’m not sure how to look back on 2014 to be honest. Some really bad things happened to be sure: Jennifer died, S got laid off (temporarily)… I lost my job too. But also some really great things happened too: my sister got married, G started kinder, S’ is kicking butt at work, I landed an even cooler job in the end… four amazing babies were born to wonderful friends (and I got to be there for the births of three of them)… we have our health, and things are good.

    I just don’t have it in me to hate last year, or need to put it behind me. With that said I really want 2015 to be better. I don’t want to hear the word “cancer” again. Tall order, I know. (Or at least I’ll take no new cases to those close to me.) I’d like a stress-free job year. I’d like more travel with my family. I’d like to go back to doing regular walks. I’d like … a genuinely good year.

    So here’s to 2015.

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