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    Do you see what I see?

    Pssst! Check this out:

    Do you see it? No — not the pout. The jeans! He’s wearing jeans. And the pout is not because of the jeans (it was because he couldn’t take his stuffed horsie toy to school, since it wasn’t a Share Day).

    G convinced S2 to try jeans again. S2’s complaint this whole time has been that jeans are cold. Well, he’s not wrong: they are cold at first, but G told him that they’re only cold for a second, and they warm up quick. So S2 dawned on a pair, and he’s been more than willing and interested in continuing the trend.I appreciate this because I only have like a dozen pairs of jeans in his size it would be a shame to waste. He transitioned out of the denim routine right around the time I stocked up on new pants: somehow all of a sudden every pair he had, had big, gaping wholes at the knees. Pretty much as soon as the packages of jeans arrived, he put the embargo on jeans and transitioned into sweat-pants.

    So a big kudos to G for getting us through this phase. He’s been awesome of late about little things like that. Somehow he can really get through to S2 in a way that S and I just haven’t been able to. Maybe it’s a big brother thing? Who knows? I’ll take it. I can see how families can start relying on older siblings to help with the younger ones. I’m trying not to get too used to it though. It’s really not his job, and S was really good to tell G that while we don’t expect him to help us parent S2, we appreciate it when he does.

    Now, S2 and I now have a little ritual where I rub his pants really fast as soon as they come on him to warm him up. It makes him giggle. I get pants on him. It’s a win-win.

    But look! It’s jeans!!!!!!

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