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    19 months

    S2’s hair is really lightening up. It’s actually becoming the same color as G’s, which means we could potentially have 2 kids with awesome highlights to die for.

    He’s definitely a good sized kid for his age. Well, really 50-something percentile (per CDC), which is something I’m not used to. He’s outgrowing clothes on target, and even a little bit ahead. That white onesie he’s sporting. It says 18m on it, but there’s no way we’re getting another month out of it. I have a set of 24m’s on the way so I can finish my set of 24 onesie pics.

    It feels like this month has been an explosion of words. Every other day I hear something new from him. It’s pretty awesome and I’m already starting to miss the baby babble. Every time I pull out my phone in the middle of a babble monologue to record him, he quiets down. I hope I get a good long one before it’s gone.

    His comprehension is also remarkable. I know that I greatly under-estimate what both boys pick up on and understand, but I’m really impressed with monkey man’s interpretation of a conversation, even when it’s not directed at him, and responding. For example, G tripped the other day and instantly cried out for his Moonka. S was with him, comforting him, confirming he understood what G asked for. Out of no-where S2 comes running with all of G’s friends, that he gathered as soon as G started crying for his “lubies”. I love that he’s so empathetic to his brother. He’s also a menace, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of love and admiration there too.

    These last few nights, our well-sleeping monkey has turned into a middle of the night partier. He’s up nightly sometime between 1-4 taking an hour to settle down, and gets pissed if you’re not holding him. Also bed-time has become a pain. We went from books, snuggle, put in bed and walk out as he quietly fell asleep on his own, to shriek fest over putting him down. Nothing happened as far as I can tell: it was a complete 180 out of the blue. Mommy and Daddy are tired, that’s for sure.

    Weight: 26lb, 4oz. We’ve got less than 9lb to go before we have to move his carseat around. Arg!
    Height: 32.75″

    Favorite food: watermelon. Monkey is actually pretty cool with the frui

    Favorite toy: Buckles! We got a new buckle lion toy to satisfy his obsession with buckling things

    Favorite activity: Still swimming

    New accomplishment: Lots of new words. Lots more drama

    Number of teeth: 11. 2 more molars came in

    Number of words: 19. Added:

    • Sara (Sarah)
    • Lourdssss (Lourdes)
    • buh-bul (bubble)
    • Wawa (water)
    • muk (milk)
    • help
    • b’uh (also used for book)
    • apah (apple)
    • uppuh (up)

    Naughtiest moment: anoying his brother just because he can

    Temper tantrum meter: low-moderate

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