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    The last carseat

    G is now on his last car seat: a booster. I won’t lie, I’ve been looking forward to this milestone, from the perspective of the room/flexibility I gain in my car: it’s just much easier to pull out and put back in the car, should I ever want to give more than one adult a ride.

    It feels a little wrong that it’s G getting yet another new seat instead of S2, but I guess that’s the side effect of being a second kid: hand me downs. Sorry S2!

    S2’s car seats had just expired based on manufacture date. They were the first convertible seats we got when G moved out of the bucket seat. BRU was hosting their baby item exchange program, so as luck would have it: our seats expired at just the right time. That expiration produced some new car seats.

    Now G is in the boosters, and S2 in G’s most recent chairs. Everyone seems pretty pleased.


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