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    She gives them clues!

    G’s kinder-garden teacher has a share day for each kid, every week. G’s share day is Wednesdays. Share days there are interesting, because it’s actually more a game of “guess what’s in the bag. On your share day, you bring your “item” in a paper bag. A kid in your class is supposed to ask you questions so they can guess what’s in the bag. G, being the mast “obscure things to pick when playing 20 questions” LOVES this game and is maniacally devising tricky things to bring each week. Today’s share item? Raffle tickets he won at this past week-end’s school fund-raising event.

    If the kids have a hard time guessing, the teacher comes in to help. G, however, doesn’t allow her to peak in his bag. Why?

    “Because she gives them clues!”

    G: “Yeah? You know what kind of clues she gives them? It’s red and it puts out fire”
    (this was the day that G brought in a fire truck toy)

    Ok, we get it kid — the clues might as well spell out what it is.

    I can’t decide how I feel about this upcoming parent-teacher conference period coming up in a few weeks 🙂

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