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    Photoshoot out-takes

    Wow! Photographing G is tiring. Really! Emotionally mostly, because there’s a lot of pleading going into it… mostly on my end.

    I had this great vision of G in front of this cool red wall structure I came across. We went, he saw it, and said “I’m not doing this today!” [BTW, this is why I cheat and do his birthday pics at least 2 weeks before his actual birthday :)] So we agreed that we would do it the following day (Sunday). Come Sunday, his best buddy M wanted to get together for a play-date, but G now had to hold his end of the bargain: photos before friends.

    You can tell how excited he was already, right?

    We agreed we’d do them at home. I setup a chair: mom mistake on my part — should’ve gotten something stiffer with less leaning back. And we proceeded to have 3 minutes of begging (me) and bribing (also me). In those 3 minutes he gave me so many expressions, that I ultimately decided to use them all and make a collage. I am having this baby printed in a 24×36 canvas. It will be awesome! I can’t wait to hang it in his room 🙂


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