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    Mother’s Day 2015

    For Mother’s Day, S2’s class did an interview with each kid asking them about their mom. This (the age of 4) is probably the last year the answers are endearingly, innocently funny. For example, S2’s responses are as follows:


    As you can see, I am 8 years old. I’ll take that over his classmates volunteering ages in the 60’s 🙂

    Today (as I was scanning the latest batch of artwork) S was reading this and asking the boys their own version of this interview.

    S: G, what is something you and mommy like to do?
    G: Read to me!
    S: S2, what about you? What is something mommy and you like to do ?
    S2: Snuggle!
    G: Aw, man! Nice one!

    Yep, that’s right kid! Your brother scored a winner. Yours was pretty good, too, though. So not too shabby 🙂

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