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    He rides!!!

    For his birthday last year, we got G his first pedal bike. We thought it would be a big win after all the awesome stuff he’s been doing with his Strider, but he saw it, and was not in the least amused. Total number of minutes driven on it? 0!!!

    Until today, that is!

    About a week ago he expressed some interest in riding his new bike. We brought it with us to a play-date party, and even though it never left the vehicle, perhaps a bug was planted. He asked to ride today, and S took him. As much as I wanted to, as well, G explicitly asked that I didn’t. Don’t know what that’s about, but I honored his request.

    I got this video from S a little bit later:

    Our boy rides!!!

    The coolest part, is that it was with (what I understand) NO help from S. S was helping S2, and when he looked up G was some 20+ feet away already going at it. There was no holding, no running after him, no training wheels. He just got it! He needed to figure out how to get some momentum with his pedals, but he rides. Yeah for balance bikes.

    They got started on the grass, so that if he fell it would be a softer landing. But riding on the grass sucks, as anyone knows, so they moved next door to the dirt mount of the baseball field.

    I’m excited! I’m hoping this will be the start of some week-end rides for us.

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