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    Great minds

    G is playing Fall Ball this season. It’s a whole new ballgame (literally): games and stricter uniform codes. Little man has to wear a cup. After having seen the coaches kid get his nose broken by a flying ball 5 minutes into their first game (ball bounced up on his face?), I can whole-heartedly support the cup mandate. G, on the other hand, has been of different mind. He’s strongly expressing his “It’s MY body, and I say NO! I’m NOT going to wear it, and that’s IT!”

    So… he got a cup.

    I don’t know how S finagled this one, but the boy wore a cup to his first game. Thank you, Husband! G even got to practice with it the night before.

    As I watched S unpack it, I really wanted to urge G to have his brother try to punch him in the crotch. You know… so he can see he’s “invincible” for a change. But, I suppressed my teenager sense of humor, thinking that there might be some longer term reprecussions I wasn’t anticipating, and it’s probably not a good idea to start that trend.

    Turns out, I didn’t have to suggest this to him, because G immediately caught on, and after he put on his new gear, the following event occurred. [yes, you have to watch this 8 second video clip]


    That’s right — Great minds. He was already there with me.

    Of course, this meant that he also spent his first game banging on his crotch whenever the ball was not in play. Good times! Good times!

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