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    G is 9!

    Today, G you are 9. I’m thoroughly enjoying confirming that there are no more 8 year olds residing in our home (for the moment). Not that 8 was bad (quite the opposite, actually!), but it feels good to celebrate another year with you.

    As I was thinking about writing this, I wanted to highlight some of the amazing ways I’ve seen you grow. I don’t know if these are changes that really happened this year, but certainly something I see more obviously today. For starters, I am seeing you develop into a caring and protective person. This is amazing! I’m seeing you stand up for your brother more, and take care of him in ways that you hadn’t in the past. Thank you!

    You’re also more adventurous today. As a toddler, you were the kid that would sit on the sidelines and observe for awhile before you threw yourself into an activity (but then you rocked it!). In HI, I watched you volunteer to be the first family member to go down the zipline. Something you hadn’t seen before, and was up high. Of course, you rocked that too!

    I’ve seen you struggle with writing and reading in the past year, but not quit, and accept the extra work and help necessary to press on. Of course we had to sell you on the idea of a tutor (by calling her a “coach”), but once you got the point, you’re with us. I admire this about you, and hope every day that you don’t lose this drive.

    Love you Monkey!

    Now… here are your favorites:

    What is your favorite color? Blue
    What is your favorite book? Vs.
    Who is your best friend? Brayden & Milo… and me . You are your best friend? Ya!
    What is your favorite movie? Fantastic beasts & where to find them
    What is your favorite song? It’s raining tacos
    What is your favorite show? Pokemon
    What is your favorite animal? Snake
    What is your favorite toy? Pokemon cards
    What is your favorite food? Grilled cheese
    What is your favorite shirt? My Peninsula United shirt. How come? Because it has my fidget tag
    What do you want to be when you grow up? Hmn… a baseball player. What position? Hmn… First base.
    Give me one piece of advice. Hmn… let me think. Umn… never stare into the solar eclipse.











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