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    Let me transcribe to you a short event in our household tonight. Backstory: I keep a secret chocolate stash in my room. It’s all mine. Mine!!! ‘cuz, you know… the kids eat it all otherwise. In reality it’s not all that secret, but it’s not kept with the rest of the treats. It’s also Milka (aka “the good stuff”).

    G: Mom! I stole all your chocolate.
    Me: No you didn’t!
    G: Yes, I did!
    [I proceed to go check on my stash. Which is perfectly safe and untouched]
    G: Ha! Now I know where you keep your secret stash.

    I totally fell for it. Damn it, kid! I don’t even know that this was intentional planning, but knowing him it likely was. Possible phisher in our house growing up here. Maybe I shouldn’t teach this kid to code, after all.

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