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    First day: first grade

    And he’s off!





    Getting up and out today was easier than I expected. I was also pleasantly surprised to wake up with him snuggled in bed with us — he does that less and less these days, and it felt kind of special to wake up next to him.

    Big kid now. I feel nostalgic for the wee bit he was, but don’t feel sad about him growing up. I like the guy he is.

    He felt pretty blaze about school today. If he was nervous he surely didn’t show it. Walked right up to his friends as if he was only off for a week.

    His teacher this year is a guy. G is excited to have a “boy in charge” this year. It’s amusing to me how we go from a society of (mostly) women being in charge/responsible for overseeing day to day, learning, and you’re accountable to, to a world where most of politics then transitions to men. How does that work??? But I digress.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about his day later tonight.

    P.S. like those school-buses? I found the secret spot where they park at the end of the day. I dragged the kids on Monday for some “back to school” photos. They were so NOT in the mood, but what’s more iconic than a yellow school bus? Even though we don’t get to use them :-/

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