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    If the kids wake up before Shane and I, they run into our room, straight to the office where they proceed to entertain themselves with the ipad (taking advantage of us still being asleep and unable to say ‘No!’). This morning, however, the two decided to entertain themselves by making balls out of rubber bands. Cuz’ you know… why not???

    At one point though, after I woke up, I over-heard the following conversation:

    Griffin: Who’s your favorite? Mom or Dad?
    Storm: Mom!
    Griffin: I like them both.
    Storm: Yeah, I like them both, too.
    Storm: …
    Storm: We’re tweensies!

    Side note: I’m “in” with Griffin! For me this is HUUUGE. I feel like it’s taken years to be viewed as equal to Daddy in his eyes. Like, no joke, years. Feels like 6-and-a-half, to be exact. But I’ll take it as long as it lasts.

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